Master Freediver Instructor

How do you earn this rating?

PADI Advanced Freediver Instructors who have gained teaching experience (or advanced freediver instructors from other organizations who have teaching experience) can qualify for the PADI Master Freediver Instructor rating.

To apply for the PADI Master Freediver Instructor rating, you meet these requirements:

• Have issued at least 50 PADI Freediver program certifications, with at least 10 of those being PADI Advanced Freediver certifications (or issued qualifying freediver certifications).
• Hold a PADI Master Freediver certification (or qualifying rating).
• Hold a current PADI Emergency First Response (CPR/first aid) Instructor rating.

Note that if you hold a qualifying instructor rating, you must also attend a PADI Freediver Instructor Orientation.

Next Step

Reach for the top and become a PADI Master Freediver Instructor:

• Log on to the PADI Pros' Site and download a PADI Freediver Instructor Application.
• Browse the PADI Course Catalog for descriptions of other PADI Instructor ratings.
• Enroll in an Emergency First Response (EFR) Instructor course at your PADI Dive Center or Resort or view the EFR Course Finder


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